Couch Potato Time

Nature Walks

Run Around Time in Our Large Fenced Yard

Interactive Playtime like Fetch

Group Playtime...

It's all available for your dog   $3

"Go For Ride In Car?!!"

If so, your dog's wish has come true! Your dog's private excursion will include a trip to a drive-through for a special order plain hamburger. This is the most favored activity for those dogs that enjoy running around with you on errands. Dogs must be well mannered in cars to go for a ride. $10

Is this your dog's favorite phrase to get excited and happy with delighted anticipation?

Doggie Ice Cream is available daily in vanilla or peanut butter flavor. It is made especially for dogs. It comes in a dixie cup and dogs love being handfed this treat. $3

Fridays & Saturdays are Pizza Party evenings. We serve plain cheese pizza just out of the oven for a scrumptious special treat. You can order a slice for your dog. $3